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Welcome Trade Show Planning and Measurement Tool

Now, you can be assured that your trade show program will produce expected results and deliver value you can prove.

The Trade Show Planning and Measurement tool is designed to help you think through business improvement-oriented, measurable objectives, and then to measure and report their accomplishments and results. You can access and analyze planning support and reporting information at any time.

By combining your “forecast” related planned data for a designated period, you can produce an estimated program budget as scheduled. By combining “actual results” related data, you can analyze your program performance and efficiency for any given period.

“Right Sizing”- Because the Trade Show Planning and Measurement tool coaches you and provides benchmark data points, you can adjust your resources such as staff, space, and spend to fit the show opportunity. You can rank all of your events that are forecasted or that have actual results from best to worst based upon performance and effectiveness data. Finally, you can report your total accomplishments from your trade show marketing program for the quarter, or the entire year.


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